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Victoria, Australia, 3158

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    About Janice

    Janice writes inspired poetry, songs, talks and books about life’s journey and more

Janice Hunneybell is an inspirational spiritual writer. Her books, 'Things That I Believe In' and 'All You Need Is Love', are channeled spiritual communication from John, who shares his views and philosophy of life and meaning.

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All you need is love

'All you need is love' was published as a kindle ebook in January 2014. John shares more views on love and life as seen from the spirit realms.

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Things that I believe in

'Things That I Believe In' was first published in 2008 and is now available as a kindle e-book. It has been popular with people who want to understand more about life and spirituality. It is easily read but informative and has brought great comfort to people dealing with grief and loss.

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Poetry, writings and images

Read more musings, poetry and inspired thoughts from Janice Hunneybell on the blog pages.

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